...but not soft enough! Despite being the anthropomorphized manifestation of the very concept of Softness, these score gems are just too pointy.

You'll have to eat some cookies first. But those cookies might make you sluggish, so then you'll have to eat some other, faster cookies. Nobody can eat cookies forever, though.

The game starts in Soft Mode. Press H to start a new game in Hard Mode.

Left mouse to set up to three waypoints. Right mouse to remove a future waypoint.

R to reset.

M to mute.

P to pause.

H to switch from Soft Mode to Hard Mode and back.

Made in p5.js for Sylvie's Springtime Santa event:



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this is SO CUTE omg i love the sfx the soft the waypoint system the colours the cookies wow are there fast cookies irl i want them

it reminds me a little of the game osmos? that game is scary though lol

this makes me so happy but now i'm hungry lol

ahh i'm glad you like it! and yes the fast cookie is actually the only one that is a specific type of cookie i have eaten, they are Pepperidge Farms strawberry Veronas, very very delicious!!

the cookie-eating and gem-getting sound effects were made by my wonderful girlfriend laura, the others were me, i'm glad you liked them!

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Having to move a fixed distance is a mechanic I’ve not seen elsewhere, it’s cool : )

I liked to trying to line up my position with the diamonds’ trajectories, but man, that hitbox is strict.

Edit: Scratch that, I guess I just wasn’t making myself big enough…